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Eviction Report

Eviction Reports tell a lot about a prospective tenant that would not always show up on a credit report or criminal background check. Oftentimes a landlord can meet their tenant-to-be and make a decision off a first impression, finalize it with a credit check, but not run an Eviction Report.

Lots of tenants can have perfect credit, great jobs, even a clean background history, but still have been evicted from a property. You may think that if someone has great credit, then they must not have been evicted in the past. However, there are many more reasons for evictions than just non-payment.

People often get evicted for having more residents than the specified amount on the lease. They may keep pets in a strictly non-pet residence, or even constantly playing their music too loud. It's frightening to think how many ways renters can find to violate their rental agreements. And once they're in, it's extremely difficult to get them out again. With the laws so heavily against landlord, it can be frustrating to think that these people can get away with so much, and cost you so much money in lost rent and trashed houses.

And it's so easy to get the peace of mind of knowing you have someone's background in hand and have a good indication that they're trustworth tenants who will take care of your property.

An eviction notice check can uncover past evictions. Keep in mind... a credit check may not.

Start running Eviction Reports.