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Rental History

Rental History verification is much more accurate nowadays than in the past for landlords. When an applicant gives you their Rental History on the form, what action do you take? You verify the Rental History by calling the references, correct? That is absolutely the easiest verification to fool. If you were a deadbeat tenant looking to rent, and you know you would get negative Rental History references from your previous landlords, you would simply give your friends as referrals, right?

This is exactly what is happening when checking Renter History. You would be surprised at how many people go to these lengths for approval. I bet you even have some tenants that have done that renting from you right now. Rental History screening is more important now than ever, and at, you can get a Rental History report instantly by using our PALS (Previous Address Lookup Service) reports.

If only finding tenants were as easy as just going with your gut feeling as to whether someone is trustworthy or not. But the fact is, many people who are "professional deadbeats" have it down to science on fooling landlords. There's no reason to be a victim when it's so easy to prevent it. It's understandable that many landlords might be tempted to skip the process when faced with someone who seems so nice and reliable. After all, they have a vacant property that needs to be rented! And time is definitely money when it comes to income properties. But rolling the dice on an applicant is a poor decision when it's so inexpensive to do a thorough background check so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

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