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Verify Social Security Number

Do you want to Verify Social Security Number for that tenant that just applied? That is a very wise idea, because when you Verify Social Security Numbers, you know that person is who they say they are. You would be amazed at how many people are using a false SSN to get approved for a rental.

In the age of identity theft, Verify Social Security Number reports are becoming more and more commonplace. You only really know who you are renting to when you run a simple Verify Social Security Number report on them. 9/11 has increased identity theft so much that even creditors are jumping on this amazing bandwagon and verifying the SSN of applicants.

It's an all too common scenario, but too many landlords don't find out until it's too late. An applicant will come in and seem like the ideal candidate: a good job, good references and they even seem like upstanding citizens. But really they're playing a game of skipping from property to property with stolen identities, hoping the landlord won't do a thorough check. Then one they're in, they're in! They stop paying rent, and you're only option is a long drawn-out process of eviction. And once you finally get them out, you have to hope they don't trash the place on the way out.

It is easy to run a Social Security Check on any valid Social Security Number and will instantly tell you the name and state that Social Security Number was issued under. Make it a habit to run instant Verify Social Security Number reports at and be on the cutting edge of Tenant screening.

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