What are some ways to manage the traffic flow at a rental complex to help keep residents safe?

Depending upon your type of rental property, location of the property and applicable local ordinances and city/county codes, there are some common practices to help manage traffic flow in rental complexes. As example, you could consider:

  • Traffic signs, the familiar STOP signs placed at intersections within the complex to require drivers to come to a complete stop before proceeding or signs such as Yield, or SLOW to alert drivers to slow down before proceeding.
  • Speed Limit signs posted throughout the complex to alert drivers to the maximum speed in clear conditions.
  • Directional Signs, such as One Way Only, may be appropriate for some rental properties with designated entry and exit routes.
  • Informational Signs, such as Caution – Children at Play, may help alert drivers to be more cautious when driving in certain areas such as playgrounds or green spaces.
  • Pavement Modifications such as Speed Bumps to require drivers to slow down drivers in order to protect their vehicle or Split Ridge Indentations in the road that make tires vibrate alerting drives to reduce speed or correct lane movements. A sign that says Speed Bump Ahead can be an early warning signal to drivers to be prepared to slow down.
  • Asphalt Striping Speed Warnings on pavement to alert drivers to Slow Down. A good practice is to directly communicate with residents through social media, a community email, or posted to the tenant portal that safety measures such as speed limits, signage, and pavement modifications have been implemented to help keep all residents safe, reduce accidents, and protect property.

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