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Rent Right Recommendation

Each one of your applicants is evaluated the same way every time using your rental criteria.

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Rental Criteria Sheet
ABC Apartments

Partial Evaluation:
An account is negative if it has been days late time(s)
No credit report found by agency
Has legal items at least $ in the last months
Has outstanding debt to utility (electric, water or gas) in the last months
Has worked at current employment for months or less
Require employment verification for last months
Applicants monthly rent is to (i.e. 3 to 1) or more of reported income
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Property owners and managers know their communities and understand their risk vs. return best!'s Rent Right Recommendation allows YOU to select the credit evaluation criteria for your property and provides a fair approach to screening every applicant in a consistent manner every time. Instant access to consumer information is essential to expediting the leasing process.

It's critical important these days to avoid the appearance of bias when making rental decisions. Even if you're innocent of bias, a bad decision system can open you up to lawsuits or other government hassles. The best way to protect yourself is to remove subjective decisions from the process and use an automated, fair system of criteria so that you can make sound judgments on the worthiness of an applicant. And if the government does come calling, you have an easy, irrefutable answer for them as to why you turned down a particular applicant.'s Rent Right Recommendation provides an instant analysis of your criteria and the applicant's credit behavior so that you can Rent Now Rent Right!