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Online Tenant Screening

Online tenant screening is the way the marketplace is going. Residents want to know immediately if they are approved, and landlords and property managers are eager to know if they have a qualified renter. They are now able to know immediately what kind of credit they have.

There are many benefits to true tenant credit checks. The report comes back in seconds, it is easier to read, and the credit report is stored on the system for later retrievel and viewing. Many online tenant screening systems also give a recommendation to rent or decline.

YouCheckCredit was designed in 2000 by a team of professionals with an extensive background in property management. They saw the need for a comprehensive, yet easy to use tenant screening system desgined from the ground up to supply what a landlord needs to be successful. That's why we provide such a variety of report. Of course, the foundation is the all important credit report, which can give a general picture of the applicant's finances. But we go far beyond that to give you a complete picture of the applicant's background.

A criminal background check provides you with a view on an applicant's history with the legal system. It's possible you might have a felon with a long rap sheet applying to your property, and who knows what they're planning to do next. An eviction report can show you the entire history of whether someone has been reliable in paying their rent -- and whether prior landlords had to go through an expensive legal process to get rid of them.

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