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Online Credit Check

Online credit check can save you time and money. By using the internet to screen potential residents, you will be able to know sooner that the applicant is good or bad. This will allow you to close more leases, because you will be able to let the renters know almost immediately that they have been approved. You will have less of a chance of them going somewhere else while they are waiting for you to perform your background check.

Another advantage to the tenant credit check is they are much easier to read and understand than traditional credit reports. An online credit check is better formatted and usually has color to make the credit report easier to understand. Plus with an online credit check you are able to run reports 24/7, 365 days a year.

These days, the good potential tenants have a lot of option for finding places to live. From web sites specializing in rentals to online housing assistance, you want to make sure you get the good ones, and turn away the ones with less than stellar track records. That's why it pays to do your due diligence as quickly as possible. Not only so that you don't waste your time on people who might have a long history of evictions, bad payment histories, a long criminal rap sheet, or even sex offenders. But also so that you can quickly sign up the "dream tenants" with stable jobs and good references. If you don't do it, another landlord will! And these days, it's incredibly important to get good, stable tenants into your rental properties.

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