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Online Background Check

Online Background Check is fast replacing the traditional method of screening an applicant for renting an apartment or home. With almost every home and business having a home computer connected to the internet, landlords and property managers are demanding to be able to run a credit report instantly.

Landlords and property managers can now order an background check service on any new applicant and get the results in seconds. They must have written permission from the tenant giving them to perform the online background check. The report is stored on our website for easy viewing and retrievel.

There are numerous applicant problems that a background check can uncover. For starters, a credit report can show the applicant's payment history, so you can find out if they have a good track record of paying their bills. It can even show a bankruptcy, which if recent might indicate a lot of financial trouble.

But a background check can go even beyond that. Your applicant might have a long history of evictions, and the background check can help uncover that. Some applicants have been known to skip from property to property, looking for a landlord victim to scam out of free rent. An eviction check can help you stop these people.

Or the applicant might have a major rap sheet of crimes, and are looking for their next "hideout" to keep their criminal career going. They might even be a sex offender, and it's difficult to know if you haven't done your due diligence.

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