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Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check is becoming more popular. Landlords and property managers are much more aware of who they rent to. Landlords have a right to peform background checks on the residents so they can provide a safe living enviroment. There are many types of reports that are available.

Many people don't understand that there is no central repository for criminal records, and in fact each level has to be searched individually.

The most popular level would be a state-level search, which allows searching for criminal records in the particular state where the individual lived. This often covers many of the ways criminals commit their crimes.

Another popular search that many don't realize is NOT included in a state search is a county level search. Unfortunately, county records are not included in state records, and has to be search individually. Further, county records are not available electronically, and must be pulled by a researcher visiting the county courthouse. Many are pushing to have this changed, but this is the unfortunately reality right now. However, YouCheckCredit makes this process as painless as possible so you can get a complete picture.

The last type of search are federal records, which allows you to look for federal crimes that your applicant might have committed.

With the internet making everything easy to access, the criminal background search that is becoming very popular is the national criminal background check. This search takes only seconds and includes criminal data from 39 states and also includes sex offender and terrorist alerts.

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