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Criminal Background Search

Criminal Background Search options have increased for landlords wanting to rent their income property out. Tenants are expecting to submit information for a credit check, but many do not realize that in this day and age landlords are also able to run a full Criminal Background Search on them.

It has been said before; we all know that checking credit is just simply not good enough to judge whether a person will treat their home (your property!) with respect. Lots of really nice people that pay their bills are not so responsible when it comes to other things, like the friends they keep. Criminals keep criminal friends.

The fact is, criminals need a place to live, just like everyone else, and they might be trying to live in your property. And they'll do their best to try and hide their history from you. That's why savvy landlords know that it's vital, especially these days, to learn as much as you can about your potential applicants. And it might not just be some petty crimes, they might be a sex offender. If you don't do your due diligence, you could be creating a big problem for yourself in the future -- possibly a legal problem. It's very cheap insurance to spend a little money up front to prevent hassles in the future.

Running a Criminal Background check can tell you if your renter has a criminal past, and you can avoid headaches in the future with that one easy step.

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