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Instant Credit Reports - $14.95 to $27.95

Receive an easy-to-read formatted credit-report in less than 10 seconds! Our credit reports provide detailed information about payment patterns, payment records, creditor information, collection accounts, judgments, public records, fraud detection and social security number verification.

Instant Rent-Right Evaluation - FREE with credit report order! Receive a complete, objective, and accurate leasing recommendation in seconds. Every applicant is evaluated the same way, every time using our proprietary analysis software. Evaluations can be customized 100% allowing you to automate your current rental criteria property by property or portfolio wide. This helps reduce Fair Housing issues and discrimination law suits.

Instant Evictions Searches - $9.95
Our eviction data shows judgments, skips, property damage, possession judgments, and contact information on landlord. This search is enhanced by cross referencing data provided by the creditor reports using our proprietary C.R.S program.
Instant Statewide Criminal Searches - $9.95
This search is an instant search that is statewide with over 30 states available. It searches a database of convicted criminals and a national sex offender search. Most states have Felony and Misdemeanor records and other states have only Felony. A few states also include county records and driving records.
Instant National Criminal Search - $19.95
This report instantly searches 46 states + District of Columbia simultaneously for criminal activity including a national sex offender search.
On-site County Criminal Search - $14.95
With this search, we will send a court researcher to the county courthouse. The court researcher will perform a "Hand Search" of the Court's Index and Dockets. A county criminal record search includes a seven-year search for misdemeanor and felony records. Traffic and Summary offenses filed in Justice, Magistrate or Mayor's courts are generally not included. Most counties provide both felony and misdemeanor records. Usually charges and convictions are available. This search is typically returned within 24-72 hours.
Instant Prior Address Locator Service (PALS) - $3.95
This search will display up to the last 20 years of addresses where your applicant has lived - allowing you to discover additional information that may require research on the applicant's background (i.e. other states of residence that should be checked for criminal records).