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Benefits of Tenant Screening

  1. Credit, Criminal, Eviction, Sex Offender, and Suspected Terrorist reports are performed instantly and are accessible 24/7. Eliminate waiting days, hours or even minutes – reports are delivered in less than 10 seconds!
  2. Instantly sign leases based on reliable information - strike (RENT) while the iron is hot – and fill vacancies FASTER!
  3. A recommendation to rent to the prospect is provided instantly based on customized criteria established by you.
  4. Reduce the likelihood of costly Fair Housing complaints with a consistent recommendation on every applicant.
  5. Managerial Reports

    • Track Marketing cost and effectiveness. Be able to run managerial reports that give you the cost per lead, cost per rental, which marketing sources are working (and which ones are not working).
    • Statistical Reports. You will be able to run additional reports that give you information such as number of applicants processed, approved, declined, pending, approved but not rented.
  7. Increase time spent with prospective residents of your community by reducing the time your staff spends on screening applicants.
  8. Improve NOI by making better decisions and reducing bad debt.