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Criminal Record Background Check

Criminal Record Background Check complications can provide the person running the report with a full criminal history on an individual. Landlords run these reports on their prospective tenants because these days a credit check is just simply not enough information when trusting your very valuable investment to a stranger. Many crooks can have perfect credit but a hidden dark past.

Someone that has been put away for tax evasion probably has perfect credit. They are in jail because they were seeking ways to evade the tax system, but a Criminal Record Background Check can help uncover that. What if that person met some shady friends while doing time and kept those friends afterwards? This person's friends, who were possibly put away for even worse crimes, could be visiting your own property!

That's why it's vital to do your due diligence when evaluating your prospective tenants. It's often easy to spot criminals who might fit the stereotype of the stringed-out drug addict or the flaky ne'er-do-well, but that is certainly not all the criminals who might be knocking on your door to rent your property.

YouCheckCredit understand how important criminal background checks are, which is why we offer a variety of products to help you get a complete picture on your applicant. And we work hard to keep our prices as some of the lowest in the industry, because we know that these days, the costs really matter.

You don't want your rental property turned into a coven of thieves, so do what most landlords are doing these days. Run a Criminal Background Search and keep your property safe.

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