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A Complete Selection

With You Check Credit, Property managers, landlords, property owners and others in the real estate and rental industry can now order a credit report and check credit online and receive instant tenant screening reports on prospective renters and tenants. Credit Reports will be instantly returned you in less than 10 seconds. When using You Check Credit tenant screening services, you will have the flexibility to order an easy to read credit report for as low as $14.95, or you can order additional searches such as Background Checks, Eviction Records, Applicant Fraud Detection Reports, Criminal Reports, Sex Offender Searches, or Terrorist searches. If you are thinking of possibly renting out your home, check out our before you rent your home infographic.

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No More Waiting!

NO MORE WAITING - You check credit can provide you with immediate tenant screening services credit checks and credit reports in less than 10 seconds via the Internet. With our tenant screening services, you will be able to run credit checks and credit reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Included with the tenant screening services is a credit recommendation (Accept, Accept with additional deposit, Accept with a co-signor or Decline) that can help you take the guesswork out of making crucial rental decisions.

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Protecting Your Investment

As a client of You Check Credit, you will now have the ability to get fast, accurate tenant verification credit reports and background check information when you need it.

The first step in protecting your rental property is doing thorough tenant screening checks of every applicant which starts with reviewing your applicants credit report. Cutting corners on your tenant screening could cost you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. With You Check Credit you will be able to perform online credit checks and make an instant informed decision based of your tenant's background. You Check Credit offers unsurpassed tenant screening services at a great price and our product line contains a wide variety of on-line background check reports to choose from when evaluating prospective residential tenants.

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