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Tenant Verification

Tenant Verification is one important step in the process for landlords to rent out their income property. On the net, there are many Tenant Verification services to choose from, but none come close to the speed and ease of use like When running your Tenant Verification, you have many more choices than just checking credit. Other Tenant Verification services include national and state specific background queries, previous address verification, and a cross-check on the national sex offender list.

Many landlords are still relying on credit checks only for Tenant Verification, and this is simply not enough information to judge a person's character. There are many people in the world that have impeccable credit, but horrendous living habits. Ask yourself this -- do you think that all sex offenders have bad credit? What about someone who was convicted of armed robbery two years ago? Must they have bad credit?

Anyone can keep their credit clean, but the full battery of Tenant Screening Checks at will help uncover the records that can't be "kept clean"... a CRIMINAL RECORD! What many people don't realize is that there are a number of levels of criminal records that you must check in order to get a clear picture of someone's past. A state level check is the one most people check first. That can give you a pretty good picture of whether someone has committed a crime in their particular state. But there is also a national check that can show matches in every state across the country, which can be a great tool.

But an underused tool is the County Criminal Report. Many people don't realize that county records often don't appear in state records. And unfortunately, county records are not available as an instant search. That's why YouCheckCredit offers a service where a researcher goes to the county courthouse and pulls the records on your applicant, usually with a quick turnaround. This can help you leave "no stone unturned" in finding out the background of your applicant.

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