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Rental Application Form

Rental application form is very important. You want to make sure that you use one that is very thorough and complete. You want to have too much information in case you ever have to evict the renter.

Too many landlords skimp on this important initial step in deciding who they are going to select to rent their income property. A rental application form should give enough information to allow the landlord to perform the property due diligence on their applicant. The rental applicant can be a good indication of the reliability of the renter. Carefully review all information for accuracy and compare against the proper background checks and reports that you run on your applicant.

If there are any suspicious differences, then be sure and follow up with them promptly. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Many bad renters depend on the landlord not following through with their checks, so they'll put down false information, hoping to get into the property. And of course, once their in, it's very hard to get them out again! That's the nightmare scenario that everyone wants to avoid, when you get a renter who moves in, but then promptly stops paying the rent. Then you're faced with a costly eviction process that could have been prevented by doing the proper checks.

Once you select the right rental application form be sure that it has everything you need. You would be surprised how many rental application form that barely ask the basic questions of the applicant. If you need a rental application form, please click here (requires free Acrobat rader).

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