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Free rental application can be found here on our website. Be sure to thoroughly examine the form that you choose to use. Make sure it covers and asks all the desired questions. You need to be sure that you have as much information as possible on who you are going to rent to. Remember that you are giving this person a line of credit of about $6,000 to $20,000.

Too many landlords make the mistake of not using a form that gives all the information they need to perform the necessary background checks that are so vital to finding a good tenant. And a bad tenant can be a disaster! A bad tenant can do more than just stop paying the rent, though that's bad enough when it might take months to finally get them evicted out of your property. They might be criminals or sex offenders, and that kind of scenario can open you up to more than just financial woes. It can make you vulnerable to legal problems as well! But getting a complete history from your tenant can help protect you, by using that information to perform the proper background checking.

We are happy to provide this free resource to help you get the most out of your rental property by avoiding these costly scenarios. Just download our application and view using the free Adobe Acrobat reader, which is also linked below.

If you would like to use our free rental application form, please click here (requires free Acrobat reader).

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