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These are just a few of our tens of thousands of customers we've been satisfying since 2000.

Landcap Property Management Inc.

Our company has been happily using You Check Credit's services for twelve of our accounts since January 2001. To date, we've been pleasantly doing business with them. They're always quick to respond to our questions, concerns, and provide great customer service as well as credit and criminal reports.

We have been able to process our credit and criminal reports in up to 15 seconds! That's 7-10 days less time than it used to take. Their convenient and easy-to-use web site has certainly allowed me more time to do a better job of serving our customers.

We will continue to use You Check Credit's on-line services for all of our accounts now and in the future.


Cecilia Crespo
Business Manager

Garsten/Perennial Management Corporation

After researching various credit services we at Garsten/Perennial decided to try out The fees with this company are very comparable with other agencies and the process of pulling up reports is very simple. The process is so quick that it helps our turnover time which helps our occupancy rates.

I especially like the fact that folks at are quick and friendly when responding to our questions.

I would recommend management companies to try out you will see a difference within weeks.

Elizabeth J Saastad
Assistant Property Manager

Steadfast Management Company, Inc.

We have been using YouCheckCredit since March 16, 2001. We have been very satisfied with their product and service since the beginning of our business relationship. We have found their services to be a real asset to our company and are using YOUCHECKCREDIT on our entire portfolio of approximately 7,500 units.

We are extremely happy with the high degree of customer service we have been given and more importantly, the quality of service we receive. They are friendly and quick to respond to our needs at both the corporate and property level.


Jim Wooley, Area Manager
Steadfast Management Company, Inc.

WSR Sales & Management

We are a property management company managing over 2,000 units in the Greater Inland Valley. Our agents have been very pleased with the service we have received the past few years from We have found them to be prompt and accurate in their reporting and highly recommend their service.


Connie Reid
Office Manager

Steven R.

I really like the credit check service available on this site. It's one of the best and user friendly I've encountered. You can track how many credit checks you've done on a particular property, get the denial and approval letters...Try it, you'll like it!

Paul S.

We had our first credit check inspection today...Took 10 minutes max. and she was polite and pleasant, piece of cake! The inspector looked for a locking file cabinet, paper shredder and desk. She took photos of the above items and the front of the house, filled out a checklist, asked a few questions about the business and then left. .

Emma L.

I have done 3 credit checks so far online. It works great! Having this service online is appreciated.

Charlotte H.

I was very impressed with credit screening service. In a matter of seconds the credit report was on my screen. No fuss no muss!!

Darin D.

I have been using YouCheckCredit for 4 yesars now and wouln't have the quality of tenants I have without it. I can get results on an application within minutes and it is the best tool I have to screen applicants.

Russell C.

I have used the credit check service here for several years, and not one complaint. It will take a couple days to set up and you will probably have a site visit and 65 dollar fee. Here is what they were looking for at the site inspection.

  1. Rental application
  2. Locked file cabinet, even better in a locked closet.
  3. Paper shredder
  4. Computer with password protection.
  5. They took a picture of his house.

The agent was professional and curtious! They made an appointment, showed up on time and was gone 10 minutes later. Thats all there was to it, very easy.

Ken W.

Having just ordered a credit report, it does not get easier than this. Though I thought the first time setup paperwork was a bit much, but after talking to customer service about it, I understood. It was easy, they were pleasant on the phone, and the report results were great! Thanks!!!

Rovert V.

It's quick, affordable, and even easy to read.

Brett H.

I'm a new You Check Credit member who just started using the tenant screening service. It's great; it couldn't be faster or more accessible once you have it set up.

Daniel S.

The credit service on this site is $9.95, with no other fees. My local association charges $16.00, faxed back several hours to a day later. This was instantaneous! Again, I was impressed. VERY thorough, verified SS#, bankruptcies, month by month payment breakdown, very easy to read. Available instantly, 24 hours/day was my reason to try (weekends were big for me, thats usually when I show my houses for rent). Right off the computer, online. Not e-mailed to you later. I did 2 applicants. Had both in seconds. Happy so far!

Steve C.

I ran my first one. The credit reports on this site are complete with past addresses, account info, etc. . I've run 6 additional reports, all worth the money (well the applicant's money, anyway!!)

Carry E.

I find the credit reporting service from this site to be very simple and user friendly. Prior to this, I went through a realtor and paid double for the reports. It takes some paperwork to set up to verify you are a landlord (most tenant screening companies require this anyway and it makes sense). That was the most time consuming part. Once you're set up, you can check credit reports any time, and you can access them later, and it even allows you to select if they were approved or declined. If you check decline, it will allow you to generate a rejection letter for that applicant.

Sue K.

I signed up to do credit reports here. I did my first two last night. Boy, I'm sure glad I did.

Debra W.

The credit report gives you a wealth of information!!!! The score is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find past addresses - see where they "really" lived and not what they tell you. You can see credit scores, payments, judgments, spending habits, collections (in a very FRIENDLY and EASY to READ FORMAT) - all in one place :) .. The sign up was a little cumbersome, but at the end of the day, it was easy. Note that you have to provide information to ANY credit reporting agency to get set up. Actually, this site doesn't require nearly as much information as my local landlord association did to get set up.

Clay M.

I just used the credit check for the first time. Excellent & fast process! I highly recommend it...

Clara R.

I just used this site last month and really liked it. The information came through right away - plus the system keeps a copy of the tenants credit report, so if you ever need something down the road.

Betsy A.

Signed up last night - one fax and one phone call and one site-inspection -- I was getting credit checks. Just faxed them the info. they required and had no problems at all.

John M.

I just got registered and used the credit check service for the first time about a month ago. There is some faxing and phone calls involved in getting set up, and an onsite inspection (that took less than 10 minutes). Once that was done, I did 11 credit checks in a matter of minutes.

Shane V.

I just ran my first 2 credit report and got results within seconds. Signup process seemed cumbersome, but our local landlord association requested even a little more. There are some new laws about who's entitled to run credit reports. You have to fax them a document showing proof of ownership, and fax a signed agreement not to misuse the credit checks. Once you are through that in a couple of days, it is amazingly convenient. The format is very easy to read and contains payment history information on loans. Entries are red dots for late payments, green for on-time. At a glance you can see the tenant's payment profile--whether it's all clear, spotty, or red alert!

Lou S.

After faxing the application through, getting a report was a piece of cake. The credit report comes on my computer in seconds. Not sure how they do it, but WOW! Plus the layout is the easiest report to read in my 15 years of doing this. Good Job!

Robert S.

The youcheckcredit credit report prints out with lots of red and green flags to easily see the payment patterns and you can see if they pay their bills or not.

Mike D.

As always, I am always aprehensive about sending personal information to someone I don't know. I did anyway just so I could enroll in the service. That's the hard part, but I'm glad I did. It is a good service, and I agree very easy to read. Takes some of the guesswork out of screening.

Larry C.

I requested to get set up to use the credit check service during business hours and was able to obtain my first tenant credit report.

Now I have 24/7 access to reports.

Set up now before you need a report. It is free to set up even if you never need it - it's good to know it's there and you most likely will use it.

Highly recommended.

Bob G.

The reason the tenant screening service requires certain documentation from landlords is because the rules for running reports have tightened up. There are scam people out there running credit reports for the wrong reasons, so I understand that they need to verify who we are. This actually protects me, you, everyone...

You need to prove to them that you are a landlord....

YouCheckCredit has been doing this for about 10 years.

David L.

After faxing the needed info I was setup and ready to go. The service is needed and greatly appreciated.

Kathy J.

I had a lady apply for my apartment yesterday. She seemed like a perfect tenant. I thought she would be perfect for my nice 1 bedroom duplex. She and her daughter really loved my apartment and seemed so nice. So, I came home all excited to get the apartment rented and ran her credit report.......boy what eye opener I got!!!! 14 collections, 3 evictions. 6 public records.....She lied about her current address. Actually she was in the process of being evicted from her current apartment. So, never ever ever let someone move in without that one little report that can save your "butt"!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

John P.

Wow!!! Besides the fact that i promptly received the critical tenant info i needed... i was even more impressed with the level of customer service!!!

Shannon W.

Although I signed up for the credit checks on this site a long time ago, I hadn't actually used it until today. It was nice to get an instant report in electronic form.

I usually run reports through my local landlord's association, which also gives good service - but I wanted to try out the one from this site since it is available outside of normal business hours.

Terry S.

I have used other services.

None are as efficient, quick, reliable, cost-efficient, and easy to use as this one. I ONLY use the YouCheckCredit now and I would wholeheartedly recommend them.