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Tenant Credit Report

Tenant credit report can be run with one, two or three credit agencies. Most landlords and property management companies elect to use just one agency. There are three credit agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Even though landlords and property management companies usually only run one credit agency, they often run an eviction report and/or a criminal search as well.

Doing tenant credit screening is a much stronger and meaningful report when the landlord elects to order the eviction report. The stronger tenant credit report can save the landlord thousands of dollars and many headaches. Landlords usually do not want to rent to someone that has already been evicted.

There simply is no reason to take so many risks. In the past, landlords had to roll the dice and hope that their tenant had a good history. They would look at them and see if they seemed to be trustworthy. But we all know that the "gut instinct" method of tenant screening is not the most reliable. Not when you can spend a little money up front as insurance against a really bad outcome later!

And when you think how bad the outcomes can be, you see how cheap the insurance really is. Imagine if a drug dealer moved into your property, and decided to set up a meth lab. It seems like every week you hear about a house blowing up in some peaceful neighborhood where no one knew what was going on. Well, the next house that blows up might be yours if you're not careful!

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