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Tenant Screening Checks

Tenant Screening is the most important policy a landlord can have when it comes to renting out income property. As you are well aware, there are many great tenants that never create a problem, while there are others that are a complete nightmare. In order to have great success in renting, a great Tenant Screening policy should be in place.

Checking credit is one valid way of Tenant Screening, but cannot be the only choice. When it comes to Screening Tenants, it's very important to utilize other avenues such as Criminal Background Checks, Previous Address History Lookup (PALS), and National Sex Offender check.

An often overlooked report is particularly checking into the list of someone's prior residences. This cross-referenced with the eviction report can give you great insight into someone's past rental history. And beyond that, it allows you check their identity and figure out if they are really who they say they are.

And the criminal check is particularly important. It can tell you the basics of whether someone has a criminal past, but it goes beyond that. It also tells you if someone has a sex offender history. And -- important these days -- it scans against all the latest terrorist lists to find out if someone is living underground, trying to avoid authorities.

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