Tenant Screening Interviews

January, 2022

Screening interviews are important to identify and qualify rental prospects for tenant selection in filling a vacancy. As relevant to the circumstances, a landlord could conduct more than one type of interview with prospects or tenants during the application process and tenancy. The following discussion is representative of screenings that could be conducted as part […]

Managing Difficult Tenants

December, 2021

Dealing with difficult tenants is costly for a landlord; draining landlord energy and diverting business resources of time and money away from general property operations. However, a landlord cannot afford to dismiss or ignore demands from a difficult tenant. Experienced landlords recognize that property management is also tenant management. A difficult tenant creates stress on […]

Prescreening Rental Prospects

December, 2021

Pre-screening rental prospects is a management practice that reduces the risk of installing a problem tenant. By prescreening a rental prospect at the point of first contact, a landlord can quickly determine if the prospect has a genuine interest in the offered rental. If the prospect expresses interest the landlord can conduct a brief interview […]

Lease Renewals

November, 2021

Lease renewal is a tenant retention strategy. For many landlords a lease renewal policy may be a best business practice depending upon local market conditions, business necessity, the individual tenancy, and other variables related to property location, condition, rents, and statutory requirements. A landlord, by utilizing a lease renewal strategy for his quality tenants, avoids […]

Rental History Reports

November, 2021

A rental history report is a comprehensive timeline of a renter’s past rental housing. This information is used in the tenant screening process to allow the landlord to make a more informed decision in the selection of a new tenant. There are several ways to obtain a rental history report. A rental history report can […]

Move-In Process

October, 2021

The move-in process begins the landlord-tenant relationship. It’s important for a landlord and tenant to establish a professional, mutually respectful relationship during move-in to encourage a satisfactory working relationship during tenancy. Lease The lease agreement is the legal contract governing the landlord-tenant relationship. A clearly written, detailed lease agreement sets out the terms and conditions […]

Tenant Income Verification

October, 2021

Tenant income verification is an essential financial screening to qualify an applicant to rental standards. Independent verification of income is necessary to confirm the applicant’s self-reported income as shown on the application. Verification of the applicant’s income provides the landlord with preliminary data regarding the applicant’s income to rent ratio and some assurance that the […]

Landlord-Tenant Governing Documents

September, 2021

A landlord’s business is governed by state, local, and federal law. State statues regulate many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship including housing discrimination, habitability, tenant rights, rent rules, security deposit rules, required landlord disclosures, landlord access to rental property, termination for violation of lease, termination for nonpayment of rent, unconditional quit terminations, rent withholding and […]

Tenant Credit Screenings

September, 2021

Tenant selection is the most important decision a landlord can make for his business. Selecting the right tenant, a quality tenant, is important to ensure timely rents and protection of the investment property. Tenant screenings are the risk protection measures required for an informed tenant selection decision. Credit screenings utilize credit reports and credit scores […]

Tenant Handbook

August, 2021

New tenant orientation includes multiple tasks: lease signing, a review of important lease terms and conditions, a discussion of rental rules and regulations, the communication of the landlord’s expectations and rental standards during tenancy, a review of landlord and tenant duties and responsibilities as detailed in the lease agreement, the collection of good funds for […]