When the Tenant’s Security Deposit Isn’t Enough

August, 2019

What are the landlord’s options if the tenant’s security deposit is insufficient to cover costs of property repairs due to tenant damage, cleaning the rental unit, and tenant unpaid rent? The purpose of a security deposit is to provide the landlord with funds owed by the tenant if the tenant fails to pay rent as […]

Employment History Verification

August, 2019

Verifying past employment of a job candidate is an important step in the hiring process. The employer must determine as well as possible or practical that the candidate has presented factual and true information on his resume and application regarding employment history. The purpose of the verification is to independently confirm the candidate’s employment by […]

Our lease contains a standard clause that gives the landlord the right to enter the rental unit for permissible purposes according to our state law. We provide maintenance services to our tenants including routine inspection of the HVAC system and replacement of filters. We have followed state law and our standard practices in the notice requirements to one of our tenants requesting entry for HVAC maintenance services. The tenant is refusing our request for entry. Can a tenant refuse to allow a landlord to enter the rental unit?

August, 2019

The implied warranty of habitability requires a landlord to offer and maintain leased premises in a safe and sanitary condition fit for human habitation for the duration of the lease. The tenant’s covenant of quiet enjoyment ensures the tenant that during his tenancy, his use and enjoyment of the dwelling unit will not be disturbed […]

Should I requalify a tenant before offering a lease renewal?

August, 2019

To protect your business you may decide that,, even though the tenant originally qualified, you need to evaluate the tenant’s potential future financial risk. A tenant who qualified under your rental standards a year ago may have had a change in circumstances that may not meet your current qualification criteria. Be sure you understand current […]

I received a complaint about one of my tenants having a loud party late into the night. I talked with the tenant and I thought he understood that noise and disturbances to his neighbors was in violation of the lease terms and conditions. Now I have a new complaint against him about noise. What should I do next?

August, 2019

You will need to take documented, formal enforcement of your lease terms and conditions.  A warning notice, oral or written, may be appropriate for a tenant’s first time violation of a lease term or condition that is not a material default of the lease or a potential threat to neighbors or property. While a tenant […]

When a Natural Disaster Causes Rental Property Damage

August, 2019

Difficult to predict in timing, severity, and duration, a natural disaster can cause major damage to, even destruction of a landlord’s real property. The damage and destruction to a property can cause business interruption to and even failure of the business. A landlord should be prepared with contingency plans to address a natural disaster situation […]

What’s the biggest complaint in renting to students?

August, 2019

Property damage and noise disturbances are the most frequently cited problems in renting to college students. Damage including excessive wear and tear to the property can result from having multiple occupants in the unit and frequent visitors to the property. Property damage can also occur if tenants ignore maintenance issues which could cause major damage […]

Should I even bother with running a credit report on student renters? Most of them won’t have a credit history.

August, 2019

Your tenant screenings are priority risk management measures for all rental markets and demographic populations. While some student renters may have limited history in credit, employment, or independent housing, standard tenant screenings should always be conducted. No assumptions should be made regarding an applicant’s history or qualifications. Without screenings you cannot make an informed decision […]

If I accept college students as renters, what are some of the risk management practices to help protect my property?

August, 2019

There are some common risk management practices that can help protect your business. You may you need to add or modify rental practices to better support your individual business. Many students are first-time renters and have little to no experience in an independent living arrangement. As the landlord you may need to be more actively […]

Risk Management Practices in Tenant Screening

July, 2019

Due diligence in evaluating the business risk of a rental applicant requires the use of tenant screening as a core practice in business risk management policy. Tenant screening assesses the applicant’s potential future risk of material default of lease terms and conditions that would result in financial loss to the landlord if the applicant were […]