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Criminal History Background Check

Criminal History Background Check reports help inform landlords of any criminal past of an applying prospective tenant. The Criminal History Background Check will not only help uncover state-wide criminal activity, but federal as well. Renting your property is putting a major investment of yours into the hands of a stranger.

Imagine renting your property to a nice well groomed person with a great credit check. If that person had ever spent time in the slammer, then they could have made friends with some major criminals. Also you may be renting to someone that has been involved with drugs. You don't want your beautiful property to be turned into a meth lab overnight!

We've all read about it in the newspaper -- some house explodes in a good neighborhood, and the neighbors had no idea what was going on. The stereotype of the strung-out criminal is not necessary the reality. Many criminals who run big crime organization present a clean-cut image to the world, but in reality they live in a dark underworld. And these people need a place to live. They'll keep moving from rental to rental, looking for a naive landlord who wants to "save a little money" by not ding their due diligence. It's just a huge risk, and so unnecessary.

Many landlords have said in the past that a Criminal History Background Check is the best insurance policy they can take out next to a credit checks. Credit checks show credit history but a Criminal History Background Check can show so much more.

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