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Personal Background Check

Personal Background Checks are a way for landlords to really reassure themselves that they are renting to a good tenant. It is important to run background checks on every renter that applies for housing. This weeds out the riff-raff, while keeping quality, honest people on the prospect list.

You may be wondering why landlords come down hard on criminals, but it's really quite simple. If someone was convicted of armed robbery, would you want them renting from you? Even if it was a charge from years ago, it doesn't mean they quit being shady, it means they haven't gotten caught again.

These days, it's not just about "normal" crimes like armed robbery. You also have sex offenders running around, who need a place to live. And you can be opening yourself up to major legal hassles if they start causing trouble. And goodness know they're not going to tell you ahead of time what they're up to!

And that's not even getting into potential terrorists renting your home and using it as a "base of operations". When you run a criminal check through YouCheckCredit, a special search is done against known terrorist lists published by the United States Government, to give you peace of mind that you're not potentially renting to very bad people.

Landlords on the whole want to take care of their properties and minimize loss, so using a Background Check Service helps them along in that regard.

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