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Rental Screening

Rental Screening is the practice of verifying the information and background of a prospective tenant. Most responsible landlords use multiple types of rental screening like: checking credit, checking criminal history, and cross-checking the national sex offenders list. Did you know that just checking credit alone is not the wisest decision these days when renting out your income property?

Along with an INSTANT credit check, it is now possible during the Rental Screening process to also get the choice of INSTANT background and sex offender checks as well. Just because someone has great credit does not mean that they are clean, responsible, or even using their own information!

Another check available here at is the ability to verify the applicant's Social Security Number when doing your Background Check. This way, you know that the person applying IS the person they say they are.

Identity fraud is an epidemic these days, and there are many criminals out there who know how to use the system. They know that all they need to do is find a landlord who won't do the proper background checks, and they can just move in using someone else's identity. Then they have months and months of rent-free living, until finally you have to launch a long, expensive eviction process. Don't be one of the ones who gets scammed by these people! It's so easy and inexpensive to check the background of someone that it just doesn't make sense to take big risks that can cost big dollars in the long run.

Rental Screening does more than check credit. It gives landlords peace of mind.