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Social Security Check

Social Security Checks are run everyday by creditors and service bureaus to make sure the applicant is in fact who he/she says they are. It is commonplace for renters to use their friend's Social Security Number, but even more shocking are the people that use stolen Social Security Numbers! A Social Security Check is the only way to verify that your prospective renter is legit.

Did you know that a growing number of landlords use a Social Security Check when screening their tenants? Thanks to cutting edge technology, can run a Social Security Check in seconds, not hours or days like in the past. Now are you wondering if you really know your tenants?

Identity fraud is big business these days. When people think of identity fraud, they often think of people ordering merchandise or cleaning out bank accounts in someone else name. And there's no doubt that happens every day. But there are other forms of identity fraud that can directly affect landlords. A person with a bad credit history or a history of evictions wants desperately to hide their past. And the easiest way to do that is to use someone else's information. It might be a friend or a relative, but they're counting on the landlord to not check things.

When landlords run their Social Security Verification, they often find that a tenant is not true to their word. As shocking as it is for a landlord to uncover this information, renters are even more shocked. A Social Security Check should be part of your tenant screening process now and in the future.

Run a Social Security Check now for your own peace of mind!